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The shifting face of luxury property in Hong Kong

Source: SCMP, Oct 16 2018

Author: Victoria Allan

In 2018 luxury constitutes more than just price point, and size, it is also about location, authenticity, lifestyle and design.

As an old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and if ever that adage could be applied to Hong Kong real estate, it’s now. Maybe not the trash part per se, but certainly the core idea that there are as many notions of the perfect home as there are people to live in them.

Read more: https://www.scmp.com/business/article/2168567/shifting-face-luxury-property


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Hong Kong realtors unveil ‘zero down payment’ home lending scheme

Source : SCMP, Jan 11 2017

Author : Sandy Li


Hong Kong’s two largest property agencies, Midland Realty and Centaline Property Agency, are offering “zero down payment” schemes to existing home owners in a bid to drum up sales, a move that challenges the Hong Kong Monetary Authority tightening mortgage policy, which is intended to temper soaring property prices.

mReferral Mortgage Brokerage Services, a unit of Hong Kong-listed Midland Holdings, will lend up to 130 per cent of the value of a flat, up to a maximum of HK$20 million, through financial institutions from Tuesday.

“It should be a breakthrough in Hong Kong’s mortgage lending industry,” said Sharmaine Lau Yuen-yuen, mReferral’s chief economic analyst. “We are in talks with different developers to offer this scheme for their new projects.”

Read more: http://www.scmp.com/property/article/2060974/hong-kong-realtors-unveil-zero-down-payment-home-lending-scheme

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It seems everybody needs a home but more than one is too many in HK

Source : SCMP, Nov 4, 2016

Author : Peggy Sito, Jennifer Li

Hong Kong’s top official has raised the property stamp duty for the second time in three years to tame soaring real estate prices in the world’s least affordable major city, ahead of an election campaign where housing affordability is likely to be a central issue.

Effective November 5, the stamp duty on property transactions for non-first-time buyers will be raised to 15 percent for individuals and corporate buyers, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said in a televised press conference in the city.

Read more : http://www.scmp.com/property/hong-kong-china/article/2043085/hong-kong-more-doubles-property-stamp-duty-15-cent-cool

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Source: MINGTIANDI, Oct 29 2016

Author: Cheyenne Hollis

Once again, Dalian Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin is China’s richest man with an estimated net worth of $33 billion. However, among China’s top property barons, it’s the prominent role of baronesses that makes the country’s real estate industry look like an advertisement for equal opportunity.

Of the six women to rank in the top 100 of Forbes’ latest China rich list, four owe their wealth primarily to the country’s real estate industry. The role of property in building fortunes for Chinese women outranks even the major contribution it has made to members of the rich list as a whole, where 19 out of the top 100 Chinese billionaires can cite bricks and mortar as a primary source of their riches.

Read more: http://www.mingtiandi.com/real-estate/agencies-people/girl-power-meet-the-richest-women-in-mainland-real-estate/

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Secondary home deals up

Source: The Standard, Oct 11 2016

The volume of transactions in the secondary housing market surged over the weekend from the previous weekend as endusers and investors showed more confidence in the sector’s prospects, analysts said yesterday.

Sammy Po Siu-ming, residential chief executive at Midland Realty, said 24 deals were transacted on Saturday and Sunday at 10 major housing estates that Midland tracks, more than double from just 11 transactions in the previous weekend.

Another sale and purchase agreement was struck yesterday, bringing the total over the holiday weekend to 25. “As the low interest rate environment is expected to continue for some time, many buyers took advantage of the long weekend to buy flats,” said Po. Centaline Property also recorded 23 transactions over the weekend, a substantial increase from 14 in the previous weekend.

Read more: http://www.thestandard.com.hk/section-news.php?id=174995

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